CBEC - E-Way Bill FAQ- 01/04/2018


Topic Name: Miscellaneous

Whether e-way bill is required for intra -State movement of goods?

At present e-way bill is required only for inter-State movement of goods. For intra-State movement of goods the requirement for e-way bill will be introduced in a phased manner, for which rules will be notified by respective states separately. 

Whether e-way bill is required for intra -State movement of goods? View
Is the e-way bill required for the movement of empty cargo containers? View
Who is responsible for EWB generation in case DTA sales from SEZ/FTWZ? View
Expired stock has no commercial value, but is often transported back to the seller for statutory and regulatory requirements, or for destruction by seller himself. What needs to be done for such cases of transportation of the expired stock? View
Does the movement of goods which are in transit to or from Nepal/Bhutan, require e-way bill for movement? View
I am dealer in tractors. I purchased 20 tractors from the manufacturer. These tractors are not brought on any motorized conveyance as goods but are brought to my premise by driving them. Also, these tractors have not got the vehicle number. Is e-way bill required in such cases? View
In case of movement of goods by Railways, is there a requirement for railway to carry e-way bill along with goods? View
In case of Public transport, how to carry e-way bill? View
Whether shipping charges charged by E-commerce companies needs to be included in ‘consignment value’ though the same is not mentioned on merchant’s invoice? View
If the value of the goods carried in a single conveyance is more than 50,000/- though value of all or some of the individual consignments is below Rs. 50,000/-, does transporter need to generate e-way bill for all such smaller consignments? View
Does the movement of goods under Customs seal require e-way bill? View
Is the temporary vehicle number allowed for e-way bill generation? View
Does the vehicle carrying goods from CSD to unit run canteens need e-way bill? View
How the consignor is supposed to give authorization to transporter or e-commerce operator and courier agency for generating PART-A of e-way bill? View
What is Over Dimensional Cargo? View
What is the meaning of consignment value? View
What should be the value in e-waybill in case goods are sent on lease basis as the value of machine is much higher than leasing charges? View
Where an invoice is in respect of both goods and services, whether the consignment value should be based on the invoice value (inclusive of value of services) or only on the value of goods. Further, whether HSN wise details of service is also required to be captured in Part A of the e-way bill in such case. View
In many cases where manufacturer or wholesaler is supplying to retailers, or where a consolidated shipment is shipped out, and then distributed to multiple consignees, the recipient is unknown at the time the goods are dispatched from shipper’s premises. A very common example is when FMCG companies send a truck out to supply kirana stores in a particular area. What needs to be done in such cases? View

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